Buy The Land of Mojhaye Khorooshan Waterpark water park tickets online

  • Online ticket purchase of The Land of Mojhaye Khorooshan Waterpark water park includes 6 steps.
  • Be patient until all the steps are completed and you receive the registration tracking code.
  • Ticket price is 300 Tomans.
  • Buy your ticket with a 12% special discount.
  • Online ticket price is 265 Tomans.
  • Be careful when buying Iran water park tickets online. The purchased ticket cannot be edited or refunded in any way.
  • Buying tickets for people over 60 years old and under 5 years old is only possible in person.
  • With all due respect, it is not possible for pregnant or menstruating women to enter the complex.
  • The entry of minor boys into the women's park and vice versa is prohibited.
  • Minor means people up to 10 years old and under 110 cm tall.

First step

  • In the first step, enter your mobile number and press the confirmation button.